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Our teams are working with innovative portfolio companies helping them to recruit, develop, design and express themself to achieve their goal naturally and efficiently.



We are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs. We have been in your shoes and know exactly what it takes to build a successful web start-up. Let's do it again together !

How we are different ?

We are different from other venture capital firms. We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who have a long-term background in the Web. Our narrow specialization is one of our strongest sides.

Turn Ideas into Reality

We believe that a unique idea and funding are not enough to make a startup successful. It takes practical knowledge, experience, profound understanding, a suitable and creative strategy to embody the idea into reality.

How we Help ?

We take care of the startups funded by Web Venture on all the stages of development, in every aspect of it, from marketing to hiring team members going through wide technical coverage.

Project Booster

We can provide massive traffic too, to feed new sites. This is a key part in success. We already have very popular sites, our web hosting costs are very low and you can benefit from it. This makes a solid ground for a new company.

We think different

How We Work ?

Our relentless focus is potentially great entrepreneurs and companies, which we identify before they grow big.

We are looking for long-term partnership with entrepreneurs and CEOs to create killer apps and innovative web projects.

We invest in original thinkers


Our partners are our assets


In the portfolio section you can see start-ups funded and developed by Web Venture. We are extremely proud of this section, as we have been involved in the very unique and exceptional projects with talented and innovative entrepreneurs.

We believe that entrepreuners can change the world.

Go Up !

We believe in teamwork

The Team

We pursue a dream, do you?

Go Up !

let us be a resource to you


The Library Section is dedicated to Web Venture capital firm and Web Venture startups news. You can find here the most recent and relevant information and stay updated. Enjoy!

  • ID.net 1 Million Users !


    ID.net startup reached one million user this week !
    Its integration with large social gaming platforms and its social network features made it viral for the past month.
    New coming partnership will keep its growth for the next year.
    Come try our great features and sign up for 5 GB free cloud space !

    VISIT NOW ID.net                                                     Posted on 21-10-2013

  • We are hiring !


    WebVenture is looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our growing startups team.
    If you are a code guru, a SEO master or a visionary designer, we would be pleased to hear from you.
    We have only great careers opportunities – Apply Today!                         Posted on 05-11-2013

We believe in entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs, do you?


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If you want to start a web site or service that is based on good, user-friendly ideas, contact us.

We are big fans of LinkedIn - if you use LinkedIn, please feel free to reach out to us through your network.

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